About Us

Nude & Sultry was established in 2011 and is based in Malaysia. Our brand is devoted to providing you with only the best and latest fashion must have pieces.

The founders of this label are Najwa Shairah and Sheena Noor who are high school mates and also best friends who both have the love for fashion and have longed to venture into the fashion industry. The concept for Nude & Sultry is a mixed combination of both of their personal styles. The main elements that are projected into some of the pieces and collections are that of bohemian chic and middle eastern with a modern twist, while other pieces are somewhat classical chic with an edge. Our specialty is creating pieces that are individually designed and handmade, therefore each of the designs are unique and limited in numbers. Most of our pieces are made from semi-precious stones ranging from turquoise to pearls.

The Nude & Sultry woman is a fun, bold and ambitious metropolitan woman. She is brave and not afraid to make a statement. Though a part of her is still traditional and grounded to her routes, she sets herself a part by her effortless fashion forward style. She is the envy of all women and certainly a head-turner.